Vallejo Abogados

Join us and we will present the 2007-2008-2009-2010 tax declaration free.

2011 presented for the usual fee of 150€*

*(One fee covers property tax returns for all co-owners and all properties. Offer valid only until 30-04-2012 for new clients. VAT included.)

The Total Service Pack includes:

    Spanish taxes paid on your behalf:     Advice and communication throughout the year:
  Presentation of your PENDET income tax for 2007-2008-2009-2010, if you have not done before.   Pre-payment tax reminders.
  Presentation of council tax for 2011 (I.B.I.), and study of pendent council taxes.   Personal attention from a specialist Lawyer in English language.
    Help, advice and communication throughout the year:     From the comfort of your home:
Download your Spanish declaration.
  Full personal communication VIA E-MAIL or TELEPHONE.   Access your tax file showing what, when and how much you have paid in taxes.
  Immediate tax and legal advice from a specialist Lawyer.   Receive pre payment tax reminder.
    Stress free Spanish Taxes:     Free annual appointment with your LAWYER and consultations about tax and legal issues:
  A personal study of your fiscal situation in Spain.    
  Pre-calculation of your pendent Income Tax since 2007 until 2011.   Advice for property purchase or sale.
      Advice about transfer tax notifications.
  Presentation of all pendent Income Taxes.   Mortgage advice and arrangement for a property purchase.
  Dealing with payment of Council Tax (I.B.I.).    
  Inheritance Spanish taxes advice.   Advice about making a Spanish Will.
  Personal tax representation before the Spanish Tax Authorities.      
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