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Vallejo Abogados

Vallejo Abogados is created in Estepona in 1992, sponsored and directed since the beginning by Antonio Vallejo Remesal.

Initially dealt with issues related to claims for traffic accidents, procedures concerning urban leases and rents update and problems arising from policies and bank loans, but, over the years, the issues are handled through our office have been extended to all areas and extra-judicial proceedings.

In terms of compensation for road accident, work for private clients and some insurance companies engaged in legal assistance of their policyholders.

Another important branch of activity is advice about wills and estates, as spanish citizens as foreign citizens. We help our customers to prepare their heritage to avoid excessive charges to the heirs as a result of the estate tax settlement, or to write wills keeping in mind the peculiarities of family relationship or the situation of the testator's estate or his heirs.

We also process the purchase and sale of real estate by foreign citizens, and all legal and tax issues that may arise as dealer as maintenance of these properties in Spain.